Dean's Message

The University International College (UIC), established in 2010, has a dual role: offering educational programs (degree programs, language subjects of the General Education Program, and non-degree prep courses for IELTS/English and DELE/Spanish), and providing services for international activities designed and implemented for the whole University.

Currently, degree programs include baccalaureate degree in foreign language studies (with three concentrations in English, Portuguese, and Spanish), BAFLS, and graduate degrees in Masters in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (MTCFL), Master of Arts in Foreign Language Studies (MA in English, Portuguese, and Spanish), PhD in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (DTCFL), and PhD in Creative Writing; those General Education Program subjects include College English and College Chinese.

International activities that UIC helps with include logistic help in liaising with overseas institutions of higher education, exchange of students, and study abroad programs.

UIC strives to be a place for students to find a home where care and opportunities are provided through both academic programs and extra-curricular activities.

UIC continues to enhance quality in what it has to offer so that students get desirable value.

UIC makes it a priority through transformation to become a vision-driven Faculty that promotes academic integrity.

We welcome you all to visit our Faculty.

Jianrong Sun

Dean, University International College

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